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Joyful Math


Join events, explore joyful math, and build community.

Welcome to Joyful Math Jamborees!

Joyful Math Jamborees is a weekly program dedicated to making the fun and joy of mathematics accessible to all through online meetings! We gather on Mondays at 4:00p.m. Pacific/7:00p.m. Eastern. Check out our events page for info on specific sessions.

Note: JMJ sessions are never recorded

All Are Welcome!

We aim to have informal sessions where everyone can be involved if they want to be. Guest presenters of varying math levels, from high school students to professional mathematicians, will guide the group through fun, quirky, and accessible topics, puzzles, and crafts. Mathematicians of all ages can come join the fun!


Check out our events page to see the event schedule!


Mon at 4:00p.m. PT/7:00p.m.ET

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